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    Geospatial Information Services

 Eclipse Geospatial Information Services has over fourteen years of experience in the GIS industry, covering a wide range of GIS services, including:


SaskPower Aberdeen to Wolverine Transmission Line, Saskatchewan
  • Created a series of consultation maps, report figures and provided GIS metrics detailing the soil structure, land cover types, surficial geology, hydrology, wildlife and providing metrics in support of a major SaskPower transmission line project upgrade running from Saskatoon to Wolverine.
SaskPower Pasqua to Swift Current Transmission Line, Saskatchewan
  • GIS support providing data management, mobile field collection setup, data summary metrics, and quality control support as part of the Technical Project Proposal submission
SaskPower Chinook Power Plant Federal and Provincial Assessments, Saskatchewan
  • GIS support providing data management, mobile field collection setup, data summary metrics, and quality control support as part of a joint CEAA Project Description and SK MOE Technical Project Proposal submission
SaskPower - Siting Evaluation For A Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Facility
  • Provided GIS support for spatial constraints analysis for four potential sites, landcover metrics, field data collection support and report figures.
Algonquin Power Services Blue Hills Wind Energy Project
  • Provided constraints mapping and land cover metrics for a proposed wind farm development.

power line

wind energy

TransCanada Energy East Pipeline Project
  • Produced Regional Assessment Area Figures and atlases for AB, SK, MB, and ON, Reference Atlases for SK and MB, calculated water, road and rail to pipeline intersection metrics and provided extensive mobile GIS technical and mapping support to field crews on the Cromer Lateral proposed new build pipeline section.
 Trans Canada Uplands Pipeline Project
  • Developed detailed land cover mapping for the project, and produced Regional and Local Assessment Area figures and calculated land use, vegetation and wildlife land cover metrics, created Field Reference Atlases for archaeology and wildlife. Provided extensive GIS support for mobile mapping/field data collection.
Husky Condensate Border Pipeline Project
  • Setup GIS databases, mobile mapping projects, created land cover mapping, and produced a series of atlases and figures for the project.
Consumers Co-operative Refinery Limited LGP Replacement Line Phase 3 FEED
  • Created a series of map atlases and figures for field work and eveloped mobile mapping solutions for field crews.
SaskEnergy Yancoal Rural Pipeline
  • Provided GIS support for field survey crews for a proposed 23 km gas supply pipleine to the proposed Yancoal otash mine.


Saskwater Buffalo Pound – Yancoal Project
  • Provided GIS support for field survey crews for a ~100 km non-potable water supply pipeline to Yancoal Potash mine.
 Cottonwood Creek Watershed Authority
  • Setup GIS databases and developed a GIS data viewer for the development of the watershed authority.
Wascana Creek Spring Runoff, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • GIS Project lead in developing a series of flood delineation maps for a number of predicted flood events using 3D modeling and HecGeoRAS software for the City of Regina.
Medway Towns Flood Mapping Project
  • Generated a series of  3D models and air photo image drapes coupled with flood simulations of the Medway region in order to visualize and predict the impact of a 1m, 5m and 10m rise in sea levels, and to  predict the specific areas of the Medway Towns region most likely to be affected.

Heritage Planning

Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, Saskatchewan

  • Imported GPS data and created a spatial database in order to produce a series of overview and detailed figures of archaeological investigations of sites in relation to potential gravel pit expansions across southern Saskatchewan.

HRIA of a Proposed TransGas Kisbey to Arcola Pipeline, Saskatchewan

  • Created a series of Ground Reconnaissance figures for Heritage Permitting for the various proposed pipeline route options; compiling archaeological field dig results into proposed development route figures.

 Kircudbright Landscape Character Mapping, UK

  • Prepared a series of maps detailing the landscape nature, archaeological interest, land usage and characteristics of Kircudbright Training Area, Scotland.

Warcop Archaeological Sites Distribution Mapping, UK

  • Mapping of key archaeological sites and Highly Sensitive Areas (HSA's) within Warcop Training Area and Ranges, Cumbria.

Protected Area mapping of MOD Sites, UK

  • Mapped the areal extent of Sites of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI), or Protected Areas within a number of MOD sites around the UK, including Llanbedr, Ty Croes, RAF Valley (Wales), Otterburn (Northumberland) and RAF Woodvale (Merseyside), in support of a disposal program.

Foxglove Covert Nature Reserve, UK

  • GPS survey and mapping of new footpaths at Foxglove Covet Nature Reserve, Catterick Garrison.

Woodland Management at Feldom Ranges, UK

  • Plotted potential locations for new forestry for each year 2009 – 2029, and felling locations for existing plantations 2009 – 2029 at Feldom Ranges, North Yorkshire.
Eskmeals Dune and Heathland Project, UK
  • Mapping of potential and past Natterjack Toad breeding pools distribution at Eskmeals Ranges, Cumbria.
RAF Fylingdales: Moorland Management Plan, UK
  • Created a set of multi-temporal maps from a series of aerial imagery taken from between 1979 – 2002, in support of the Fylingdales Integrated Rural Land Management Plan detailing scattered & dense scrub, heather condition, bracken and burnt areas.



tipi ring

Land Planning


  • Produced a series of site plans detailing the bylaws boundaries for a number of MOD sites across the UK in consultation with the Bylaws Team

Land Registration

  • Liaising with Estate Surveyors in the preparation of plans for the voluntary registration of various MOD sites, to strict QC standards for submission to the UK Land Registry.

Electronic Terrier Welsh Deeds Problem

  • Conducted a detailed spatial analysis of a problem affecting thousands of deed hot spots with the online mapping-based Electronic Terrier; a national deed repository containing property owned by the Ministry Of Defence,  UK. Wrote a report highlighting the issues discovered, and why, and recommended a successful solution.

Farm Tenancy Plans

  • Produced a series of detailed farm tenancy plans for Nesscliff, Pontrilas, RAF Leeming, Pendine Sands and Leek Training Area.

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